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From the People of Japan

In a world where most companies emphasize on globalization and free trade, we Sirius Corporation decided to go a different route and focus directly on contributing to developing countries through grant and loan projects implemented by the Japanese Government and the Asian Development Bank. We believe that only through such works, are we able to attain globalization in its true essence.

There are many realities that the people in developing countries face problems on a daily basis, that are hard to imagine to someone living in a developed country. There are numerous countries where basic necessities such as food and clean water are hard to attain, a majority lives on a few dollars a day, and are unable to receive medical assistance even if it is available.

Our work has allowed us to visit such countries, and have allowed us to see and hear what life necessities are lacking, which has enabled us to identify what it is the local people want and need. Our visits have also made us more determined to handle each project to the best of our ability. Our recent contracts include; water supply project to Paraguay, project to supply ambulances to Syria, project to supply different types of medicine to Tanzania and Myanmar to control infectious diseases and a project to supply medical equipments to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan

Through cooperation with all of our partners, we will continue to assist developing countries with hopes to improve their living conditions. As each new opportunity arises, we are confident that through our diligent work ethic, we will be able to make a lasting contribution to the world.

As a Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky, we hope to live up to our name, by becoming the light and hope for all people in need.